NMLB, in combination with Wisconsin Legislative Strategies, Inc., assists its clients with a variety of legal issues pertaining to local, state and federal political law.  We advise clients in the legal areas of campaign finance, election law, and lobbying regulation; and provide legislative analysis, strategy and drafting.

Campaign Finance

Campaign finance laws have recently been in flux with constantly changing state and federal regulations and the landmark Supreme Court of the United States decision Citizens United.  With the ever growing complexity of campaign finance laws, trade associations, businesses, advocacy groups and others need the assistance of an experienced counselor to maintain compliance and ensure they understand the limitations of the current law.

Election Law

Our attorneys advise clients on election law and working effectively within the electoral system on the local, state, and federal levels.  We are available to consult with businesses, trade associations, and candidates for public office.

Legislative Analysis, Strategy and Drafting

Our attorneys constantly monitor state and federal legislature and administrative agencies. We evaluate client issues from a legislative and regulatory perspective; create strategies to meet client goals; and draft proposed legislation and administrative rules to implement these strategies.

Lobbying Regulation

State and federal lobbying laws and regulations vary drastically from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Having a firm experienced in the laws and regulations that govern lobbying can ensure your are properly registered to lobbying in your jurisdiction; remain compliant in your communications with government officials; and properly report your advocacy efforts with the appropriate regulatory boards.