Estate Planning

estate-planningWe handle a variety of estate planning matters, or planning for the distribution of your property at your death.  We’ll help you consider the use of wills, insurance, and trusts to carry out your wishes. Our estate planning services include:

– Wills

– Living Wills

– Advanced Medical Directives

– Power of Attorney for Health Care

– Power of Attorney for Financial Matters

– Marital Property Agreements

– Prenuptial Agreements

– Probate & Trust Administration

– Trusts

– Revocable Living Trusts

– Irrevocable Trust

– Special Needs Trusts

– Marital Trusts

– Family Trusts

– Charitable Trusts

– Guardianships

– Conservation Easements

– Limited Liability Companies

– Conservation Easements



We can help you through the process of finalizing the personal financial issues after the loss of a family member or friend who has named you as personal representative.  The court process of probate ensures that the deceased’s final wishes are carried out and his or her assets distributed and final expenses handled according to a will or the requirements of the legal system of probate.